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Film Television Commercial Assistant Director Mark Ingram

Mark. J. Ingram                  Mobile: 0437 433309

  Freelance Assistant Director                                                      

  Casual Radio Announcer                                                   


 Being the assistant director on a major movie might just be the best job in the world. It is a pivotal role; you are at the heart of the process. You have got to be a leader, have presence, and win the respect of the crew & cast. Film crews are a tough audience; most of them have seen it all, and know when you are faking it, or don’t know what you are doing. The assistant directors are the glue in a film production. Everything is always our problem and, unlike other departments, who often are focused on their own world, the ADs have to look at the whole shoot across every department. We may not save lives, or make political decisions, but we provide entertainment, and we all know what a dull world this would be without it!

Filming is a passion that runs through your blood and once hooked its got you for life.

Breaking into radio in 2008 with MixFM was a childhood dream come true. I love music and most genre , so imagine being in a sound proof studio on your own, you can crank up the volume as loud as you like. Knowing that there are thousands of people listening it makes the job even more exciting to think you might make a difference to someones day.


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